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January 13, 2016
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Five “MUST DO’S” Before You Try To Sell Your Home

Sellers can get overwhelmed at the thought of getting their house ready to sell. While it’s one of a sellers’ biggest assets, it’s usually also one of the buyers’ biggest purchases of their lives. Make sure you are ready by just doing these 5 things. 1. One Word. CLEAN! Clean everything and anything in your home. Buyers notice right away if a house isn’t clean. Don’t cram stuff into a closet either. Buyers open those closets! 2. Curb Appeal Those weekend projects that you have been meaning to do? Do them. Clean your front porch. Clean out the outside light […]
January 11, 2016

The Top Ten Things a Real Estate Agent Wishes Their Sellers Knew

January 6, 2016
Cold Hard Facts About Buying a South Denver Home

5 Cold Hard Facts About Buying A South Denver Home

What EVERY Buyer Should Know Buying a home in South Denver should be exciting and fun.  Many times it can turn into a long period of frustration.  How can you prevent that from happening?  Just a little pre-planning is all it takes! Follow these five steps and be on your way to buying a new home!  1. Find a real estate agent that you like, trust and employ them Don’t just call the agent on the sign of the house you want to see.  They work for the seller, not you.  In addition, they negotiate buying and selling homes every day […]