July 29, 2016
New in Aurora

What’s New In Aurora!

We recently had the opportunity to take a tour of the city of Aurora with the city’s Communications Director Kim Stuart to learn what was new in Aurora.  It was very informative and eye-opening.  We thought that we would share some of the information that we received! Did you know that Aurora is one of the largest cities in the United States?  Larger than Pittsburgh, Anaheim, Honolulu and St. Louis? Just to name a few.  By 2020, it’s estimated that Aurora could have over 400,000 residents.  Aurora has an active military base in Buckley Air Force Base plus the huge […]
July 1, 2016

Top Three Things Buyers Want in a South Denver Home

We receive many questions about South Denver homes, updating and more.  Here’s another commonly asked question that we hear! Question: What are the top three things that buyers seem to be looking for in a Stonegate home? Answer:  Our homes in Stonegate are aging unfortunately.  The number one item is that a buyer wants is to know that the home has been maintained well.  Sprinklers are taken care of, garage door springs are replaced when needed, windows with condensation in them are replaced, roofs have been maintained, etc.  The second item would be the lot.  Buyers tend to want a […]
June 28, 2016

Christian Brothers Automotive in South Denver

Check out Christian Brothers Automotive in South Denver! One of the newest auto repair locations in Parker, Christian Brothers provides a variety of services for its customers! Located on the NW corner of Jordan Rd. and Lincoln, it’s in a popular location with lots of homes and retail right around it.  Stop by and check them out!
June 23, 2016

Best Return on Investment for My South Denver Home

  We receive many questions about South Denver homes, updating, real estate and more. Question: What’s the best return on my investment for my home?  I’m not looking to sell soon, but just want to keep up with the trends! Answer:  By far, the best investment for your home is just routine maintenance.  We see many homes in which the homeowner has chosen to not change filters, smoke detectors, repair sprinklers, caulk windows, etc.  This regular upkeep will pay you back when you need to sell.  Buyers want to buy a home that has been maintained and doesn’t have hidden […]